The Home Ministry has drawn attention to the burning of the idol of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the ministry objected to the burning of the idol at the prime minister’s residence in a neighboring country.

However, the ministry did not name Modi in the statement. Instead, it is referred to as “the prime minister of a neighboring country.”

Last Friday, students close to the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led CPN (Unified Socialist) and on Saturday, students close to the CPN-UML had cremated a statue of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in protest of the Darchula Tuin incident. The ministry has issued a statement denying the incident.

“Nepal wants to deepen its relations with all its allies and is determined to prevent any anti-national activities on Nepali soil. “We urge you not to engage in any activity that could jeopardize the self-respect and dignity of the Allies,” the statement said.

Similarly, action will be taken against the allies to control the targeted activities and those involved in such activities will be prosecuted.