Kathmandu- In collaboration with GME Korea, IME Foundation has brought an offer of scholarships to students for studying software engineering.

With the aim of producing skilled manpower in the field of information technology, the Foundation, in collaboration with GME Korea, has called for scholarships for postgraduate (Masters Degree in Software Engineering) studies in any of the universities in Korea.

The Foundation states that within one (1) month from the date of first publication of this notice, interested persons should submit their application along with their personal details (biodata) to the address or email mentioned in the details. Anyone interested in at least a bachelor’s degree in software engineering can apply.

According to the foundation, the scholarship is not provided to any two students. Under this, students will be provided scholarships at the rate of US 10,000 per person per year, while students will also be offered the opportunity of a paid internship at GME Korea while studying in Korea. However, the foundation states that there is a rule that full-time GMEs must be in Korea for at least two years after the completion of the study.

In addition, postgraduate students in Korea may have the opportunity to work in a lab with professors. According to the IME Foundation, the selected candidates will be given an opportunity to be interviewed and the selected students will have to take permission from the concerned body themselves.

Stating that high priority will be given to applicants with special interest in studies, leadership ability and extracurricular activities, a scholarship selection committee of at least five members will be formed with at least one representative from each of the scholarship related organizations and the final decision in this regard will be vested in the company. Has stated.