– Topendra Panthi

Social Entrepreneurship has taken off and it has become an inspirational way to motivate many to start a business. Passion usually inspires us and can take us on unbelievable journeys. There is no proper evidence who were the pioneer motivator of business in the world. Being a research scholar, I always try to observe the cause and effect of the events and circumstances also attempt to mark theorization for the study undertaken itself.

Business introduces, grows and dies in the society, so it can be said that business refers as open social system and entity. As we know life is full of events, these make both positive and negative impact to our mindset and results the same. The Business of good narrates the story behind social entrepreneurship as told by the individuals compelled to create a change in the world–not just another business.

An encounter with the person Reshma Shah nearby Samakhusi Kathmandu, with entrepreneurial skills influenced me with her ideas and positive attitude towards her venture. She has been dedicating her time for making mask, bags, apron and kusun cover playthings and so on. Though she is a highly educated and from a high profile family, she is not discouraged to run a small business, creating job opportunities for some persons. Her down to earth nature is highly appreciable. Her small business has given her to start up. Her skills of motivation are highly practical and useful for those who want to start a business but do not be able to begin with. Her small effort can lead towards a grand business and can also motivate persons willing to run a business. Her motivational factor is to create a dedication in a person to run a business.

She is not only concentrated for earning but also she has an aim to utilize her income in corporate social responsibility in the future. In terms of talking about strategic management, she has completely practiced the theory hiring raw persons and making them skilled and qualified for the area she has started the business. Her keen interest is to use ideal materials and to create competitive advantages with sustainable development of resources for the human necessities. It ultimately leads towards creative concept because the material she uses, in another sense, is kind of recycling.

It can contribute to the nation’s growth and even engage people for the financial gains doing small but highly acceptable effort to generate income. Although I have visited numbers of industrial sectors but her endeavor has impressed me greatly. I expect same kind of entrepreneurs in the country and wish her a grand success in the field she wants to dedicate herself. I expect everyone to visit her face book page and instagram named Handmade Happiness for detail information as well as kind support encouragement for her.

Her simple deed has given me an insight of her contribution for nation building campaign.

(Mr. Panthi belongs to St.Xavier’s College, Maitighar Kathmandu)