Kathmandu: Now anyone can detect corona infection at home.

With the permission of the Ministry of Health and Population, SkyTouch Biomed has brought to the Nepali market a self-test kit that allows individuals to test corona at home. The company has named it ‘Flowflex Kits’.

According to SkyTouch, the kits can be used to test one’s own swabs and find out the results of the infection in 10 to 15 minutes. Similarly, the manufacturer claims that the results will be effective if the kit is used properly.

Priced at Rs 750 in the market, the kits are available at any pharmacy across Nepal and for convenience, it is also available in drawers online shopping and cheap deals. According to the seller, the permission of this kit in Nepal has freed the general public from the obligation of waiting in line for hours for testing and also waiting for a long time for the report.

On November 19 last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the self-kit and said it could be used by organizations. Similarly, in the case of Nepal, the National Laboratory gave permission for the self test kit in Nepal on 28 September and Biomed has started selling and distributing it in Nepal as well.

Permission letter obtained from National Laboratory for sale and distribution

What is Covid-19 Self Kit Test?

‘Self Kit Test’ simply means self test. This is a corona test that can be done at home with a kit to reassure the person whether or not they have an infection.

Experts say that even if there are no symptoms of corona infection (asymptomatic infection), one in three people will be infected through the test. Therefore, these kits can quickly test for corona infection at home to anyone who suspects it.

As no laboratory is required for the results, experts who have been emphasizing self-isolation in the corona period say that this method will not only detect corona infections but also help prevent transmission.

When does a person take a self test?

According to the company, Flowflex can be used at any time. However, the producer says that its use will be more special before going to any crowd and in case you have to go somewhere to meet someone.