– Shekhar Raj Bastakoti

Supreme are the blessings of Children,

Superb are the energies they shower on!

Imagination and love sprout within them,

Creativity and vision enshrine through them!


Amazing and unprecented power they inherit,

Fabulous and stunning drive they create in!

Unfolded and unearthed ideas there come in,

With soulful love and commitments within!


The finest artifact of the God showered,

The children are cutely and lovely empowered!

To provide imaginative and creative prowess,

To all the people with love, benevolence and success!


Worship worthy and adorable are the children,

Enshrine and inscript the beautiful children!

Pave the way forward with their kindness and love,

Carve a beautiful road map like the love of dove!


Praise the children with all love and affinity,

Adore them with all devotion and sincerity!

Reach the heights of humanity and divinity,

Preach and advocate the songs of humanity!

Love you my children-Shekhar