Kathmandu-Coca-Cola has released its Sustainability Highlights report for the first time in Nepal.

The company has released its maiden Sustainability Highlights report outlining the company’s commitment to an inclusive, sustainable and bright future during 2020.

The report has benefited people with corporate citizenship, including youth, women, suppliers and employees, including water management, plastic recycling, carbon reduction, and the response to Covid-19.

As Coca-Cola completes its decade’s work, it integrates its 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the United Nations into its core strategy. Speaking at the launch of the report, Adarsh ​​Awasthi, Country Director of the Coca-Cola Company in Nepal, said that the Coca-Cola system has made sustainability a condition for business growth.

Similarly, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited Pradip said that the progress of sustainability of Coca-Cola in Nepal is ahead of time. ‘This report is a good start to the journey that has demonstrated the efforts of our system’, he said.

He also thanked all those who have partnered with the company on this initiative.