Kathmandu: Ninamma Rai, a Nepali national lady recently emerged a new wave in The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)  Germany.

NRNA has set a new record by filling the gap left in the history of Germany by standing for the post of chairman.

Rai, who is currently holding the post of vice-president of the same organization, has naturally announced her candidacy for the post of president along with  some relevant of her action plans.

Claiming that she has been providing all possible services to all Nepalese living in Germany since 2009-2011 AD, LCC member of NRNA Germany, Rai immediately joined NRNA Germany’s LCC in 2011-2013 AD Women Co-Coordinator, 2013-2015 Women Coordinator, 2015-2017 Treasurer, 2017 (Playing the efficient role of treasurer in 2019 AD, she is the vice president in 2019-2021 AD).

‘My candidacy will be a milestone in Germany’s NRN campaign in the current context of rising voices for gender equality and women’s empowerment,’ she argued.

She has repeatedly participated in the General Assembly to be held in Nepal since the meetings of various regional conferences in Europe. She has already had the opportunity to work with all the leaders of ICC and NCC NRNA Germany.

Her plans include setting up an emergency service fund for the rights and interests of all Nepalis scattered throughout Germany, and distributing and renewing membership on time, giving priority to women, students and professionals.