Kathmandu – Yati Airlines is going to start Kathmandu-Banaras flight. For starting this flight Last week yati has done a rehearsal flight at Tribhuvan Airport.

Sudarshan Bartaula, spokesperson of Yati Airlines said, ‘We are in the process for AOC for international flights, for that we are going to start Kathmandu-Banaras flights. According to him, Right now yati is planing for east and south asia flight.

According to him, the proving flight from Kathmandu to Banaras is part of the process of getting AOC.

He inform that Company has not fixed the date of Kathmandu-Banaras flights, But the date of Kathmandu-Banaras flight has not been fixed yet. According to him, the repair work of the aircraft is underway as the parts of the aircraft were taken out from the aircraft at the time of lockdown and were placed in another aircraft.