Durga Chudal

Nepalese business organization has been able to expand its operations immensely throughout the world, not considering the geographical constraints. The dream of Nepalese business organization can turn into realism, being a global market leader. Today the world of business has been expanding its boundaries globally. Now the Nepalese business competition is not only within the internal markets but among the external markets as well. Such a global perspective has introduced new opportunities as well as threats to the existing market.

Nepal, even being a least developed country, has also been experiencing the waves of globalization that has shattered the conventional business system.  In the past days Nepalese business were practiced through controlled economy, businesses were never encouraged to be competitive in the global market. Most of Nepalese enterprises had a limited capacity, operating with low levels of technology. They were not efficient and competitive. After economic reforms, the country introduced some economic alleviation programs but many businesses could not adapt to such modifications because of the sudden drastic change in the environment they worked in. During the initial years of economic reforms, there was an exaggerated reaction to the globalization effect as the process of alleviation was not systematic and planned.

Nowadays business organizations in Nepal began to realize their limitation as they were not geared to meet the challenges of global competition. As a result, business organization in Nepal started to experience major adverse situations as business organization from outside entered the native domain. Gradually, global companies started to capture the local market in Nepal.

Globalization favors for the “dissolution of boundaries” to the Nepalese business organization. Nepalese business organizations have possibility of exchanging goods, expertise, knowledge, resources and other business ideas as opportunities. This could benefit for Nepalese business in terms of success and chances of mounting their business to the neighbor country as a global business organization. This globalization process brings an enormous pressure for change.

Business environment in Nepal is becoming very competitive day by day due to the process of globalization. It is a never ending process. Globalization provides many opportunities as well threats to Nepalese business Organization. Somehow Business organization in Nepal should adopt various strategies to sustain their business for the long term and compete with the increasing challenges. Such strategies are; develop your character as a leader, first Nepalese business organization should develop their character as a business leader to maximize the potential of their employees, because every possible of change can be gained through the employee. Only healthy people can perform better with best result. Get readiness to Change; business organization in Nepal should get readiness to change. Business organization should familiar with the capricious business environment. They should make up to date all their resources for forthcoming challenges.

Find a Niche market; Nepalese business should not try to be everything to everyone, even if “everyone” is your potential customer. If your presence in the market is going to be incidental, your competitor can not interfere easily in your market. If you focus on a particular niche market, however, you can make it your own. Niche marketing supports to become a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in a big pond.

Capture your market without destroying it; Nepalese business organization should fallow the approach of “win-all-without-fighting”. The goal of Nepalese business is to survive and prosper, so Nepalese business must capture their market without destroying the process of retaining the current market share.

Appreciate customer’s complaint; customers are the major factor of every business organization, without satisfying customers need business cannot achieve the desired goals. Rather than ignoring the customer complaints or simply managing the number of customer complaints, find out where your company is missing the mark and take prompt action to correct any mistakes or deficiencies. Use customer complaints as a learning experience, rather than just ignoring or finding ways to rationalize them. This is a bulletproof strategy because it is inexpensive and invisible.

Make service your key selling point; Being dedicated to delivering top-notch service will establish a competitive advantage that is unlikely to be duplicated; compared to matching dollar for dollar, staff size, number of facilities and technologies. Providing superior service should always be included as part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Successful business organizations are those that they need to work harder and smarter to establish a competitive advantage. By taking an offensive stance, you can take control of your business future rather than letting others do it for you.


(content writer is a Senior Sales Manager in Maruti Cement Limited)