Itahari, Feb 15: The historic Government of State 1 was formed on 15 February 2018. Exactly after two years of its formation, State 1 Government has unveiled its ‘achievements’ made during this period. Organising a formal function at the premises of Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers in Biratnagar today morning, State Chief Somnath Adhikari ‘Pyasi’, unveiled ‘achievements’ of the state government. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister (CM)Sherdhan Rai said the government struggled from its nascent stage to generate some visible outcomes during two years. CM Rai put declaration of state Capital, establishment of Manmohan Technical University, ending of milk holiday, scientists’ conference, formation of much-needed 39 laws, construction of infrastructures, among others, as visible results of state government. ”27-kilometer-long road has been blacktopped, 129-kilometer-long road has been graveled, 10 motorable bridges have been constructed and 15 suspension bridges have been accomplished”, said CM Rai in his speech. He added, ”62 multi-year roadways in each constituency of the state, 87 Chief Minister Rural Roads, 126 motorable brides and 114 suspension bridges are being constructed.” Likewise, CM Rai said 110 drinking water projects had been completed. CM Rai also said that 171 homes were built for poor and marginalized citizens of the state. CM Rai said the State Government is giving final touch to a 10-year master plan for road networks, small irrigation, town development, tourism development. ”Last year we just had 5 percentage of capital spending”, CM Rai said, ‘This year, we have spent 25 percentage of our capital budget being largest capital budget spending state in the nation.” When asked about about 2-years of State Government, opposition leader of the state RajibKoirala said state government, now, must focus on speedy developments. ”Two years for the government is enough to prepare its required laws and infrastructures”, said Koirala, speaking over phone to RSS. ”Now, the government must fulfill people’s expectations in the sate.”