The Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation has vowed to complete the much-hyped Melamchi drinking water project by coming mid July. Minister for Drinking Water Bina Magar issued the white paper, vowing that the Melamchi project would be completed by mid July.

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“Drinking water is basic need of people, so the government is committed to ensure Melamchi water to the Kathmandu Valley people soon. The construction of the remaining tasks under the project is expedited,” she argued, reminding that government had said the latest contract for the project was made with Sino Hydro last Asoj. As per the contract, the company is to construct tunnel and head box. Ministry secretary Madhab Belbase said, “The Chinese company has intensified the construction. The fresh deadline won’t make us despair anymore.” He further said as various issues surface on Melamchi, the white paper was issued. As per the fresh contract, the company had agreed to complete the task in fifteen months, but with the acceleration of construction, it will complete by mid July- before the deadline, according to Belbase. He however said in case the tunnel construction does not complete by mid July, the Kathmanduties would be provided water with the construction of temporary channel. Executive Director at Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee, Tiresh Prasad Khatri, said the project has achieved 95.12 percent physical progress while 89.7 percent financial progress so far. Final construction of the tunnel is 60 percent over.