The District Hospital, Dailekh has secured the second position in the assessment of minimum service criteria among government hospitals across the country. The hospital, among 84 government-run hospitals across the country, obtains 92 per cent score in the evaluation of the status of its service delivery. The Sindhuli District Hospital has achieved 94 per cent to be in the first position and the Gulariya Hospital is in the third place with around 90 per cent. The Matri Shishu Miteri Hospital has been successful to be included in the list of best hospitals. Dr Niranjan Panta who takes the responsibility of the chief of hospital for the past three years said the hospital is committed to improving the quality of services with the proper management of required medical equipments to beds to human resources. Though, the hospital was officially allowed to be operated as a 15-bed facility, it had been operating as the 52-bed facility since the previous two years through internal sources. The State (Karnali) government this year officially announced it to upgrade to the 50-bed facility. It services include s pediatric, special maternity care on a regular basis, ambulance, radiology, dental and pathology services, among others. Every year, over 100 people underwent major surgery for hernia and hydrocele. The state government this year allocates Rs 20 million to implement the upgrade plan.