Bagmati State Government’s chief minister Dormani Poudel has said the Gorkha-Mughal war has played a role in popularizing the bravery of the Gorkha soldiers in the world. Chief Minister Poudel stated this in a congratulatory message he gave today on the occasion of the 257th Victory Celebration of Makawanpurgadhi. A victory celebration is being observed at Makawanpurgadhi today to commemorate the victory of the Gorkha army in the battle with the army of then Mughal Emperor Mir Kasim. Chief Minister Poudel stated that today’s day marks a glorious and historical day of the valor of the Gorkha army in a battle 257 years back. “Nepal would not have been an independent country it is today had the Nepalis faced defeat in the battle that took place 257 years ago. Therefore, this day is important in Nepalis’ history. I pay sincere tributes and respect to the 30 brave warriors who lost their lives fighting for the protection of the motherland and all the other soldiers who fought for the country in that battle,” Chief Minister Poudel stated in the message.