Speech of Mr Chandi Raj Dhakal Vice President of SAARC CCI Meeting with the Prime Minister
 A very good morning to all of you at the residence of Rt Honourable Prime Minister of Nepal Mr K P Sharma Oli. On behalf of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and FNCCI, I would like to extend special thanks to Right Honourable Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli for giving special time to the delegates of SAARC on the occasion of 77th executive committee meeting being held in Nepal.
I would like to thank the president of SAARC Mr Ruwan and other vice presidents from all SAARC nations for their valuable visit to Nepal for participating at the 77th SAARC EXE Committee. Right Honourable Prime Minister – SAARC Chambers of commerce and industry has been actively promoting trade and investment activities in the region, though we are little late in expediting SAARC by all governments as a whole.
• Regular dialogue between SAARC nations is very important to improve relations, start business activities engaging SAARC investors to improve the livelihoods of people and move in a coordinated approach, Nepal’s Rt Hon’ble Prime Minister’s campaign announced for “Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal” will be successfully implemented in the SAARC region itself. This SAARC CCI meeting in Kathmandu after the recently concluded investment summit, is itself a great meaning for our regional investors.
• As Nepal is improving its investment environment by amending investment laws/acts in a federal context including other related laws and policies, it is golden opportunity for our SAARC investors to join hands with Nepali investors in infrastructure, IT sector, roads/highways and waterways, cable cars, tourism hdyropower and other sectors
• SAARC has noble objectives of promoting the region, such as improve quality of life.
• SAARC, as a whole, should expedite economic growth, equal opportunities for all capitalizing all our resources through better corodination
• To materialize SAARC objectives, we seek the support from respective governments to promote and strengthen collective self-reliance through economic cooperation/increasing trade investments through better collaboration,
• We have scope for collaboration for social, technical and scientific fields, and for your kind information, SAARC CCI has also been promoted in China as well in a changed trade and economic potentials.
• Engage SAARC as a whole in international forums for better collaboration in enhancing investments and trade that helps us reduce poverty
• We need to increase intra-regional trade which is less than 5 per cent, and compete with other regional forums of Europe and American economies. In conclusion, I would like to express sincere thanks to Rt Hon’ble Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli, Nepal government officials and colleagues of FNCCI/SAARC SCCI Pakistan for making the SAARC CCI 77th Executive Committee meeting successful. Thank you all