Dunai, Dolpa, July 25 : The rice sold in subsidy by the government has become too expensive for the locals to buy.
The price of the Japanese rice received in grant by the government turned out to be higher than the market price of other species of rice. As a result, 3,515 quintals of rice remains unsold in the Dunai, Sarmi and Jufal depots of the NFC in the district.
The NFC has set the price of the rice at Rs. 65 per kilogram. It was sold for Rs. 50 per kg last fiscal year but was increased by Rs. 15 per kg this year, according to chief of NFC Dolpa Hari Prasad Joshi. He however claimed that the quality of the NFC distributed rice was better in compared to those available in the local market.
Meanwhile, the District Coordination Committee has communicated to the Ministry of Supplies and the NFC headquarters calling for price adjustment. “The rice received as grant for the people is priced higher than the local market, and hence the people cannot buy it,” DCC Chair Sher Bahadur Budha said.