Kathmandu – Actress Mamata Pradhan has been honored at the National Personality Award and various cultural events 2022 organized by Evergreen World Wide Entertainment.

National Personality Award and various cultural programs 2079 were organized on the occasion of entry into the 10th year of establishment of Evergreen World Wide Entertainment. Actress Pradhan was honored at the same ceremony.

After receiving the award at the Film Development Board in Kathmandu on Bhadra 31, actress Pradhan said, “This honor is a very happy moment for me. I am delighted to receive the honor by Nepali filmmaker Neer Shah and accorded by Evergreen World Wide Entertainment . Congratulations to the others who have been honored.

The chief guest at the function was Professor Neer Shah, the special guest of the ceremony, Bhuvan KC, President, Film Development Board, Ravindra Khadka, President, Nepal Movie Artists Association, Naval Khadka, the newly elected President of Film Producers Association, Vice President and Spokesperson of Nepal. Film Artists Association Mohan Niraula, Dance Director Raju Shah, Nayak Dhiren Shakya, and Organizing Committee and President of the organization Gopal Dhakal (Chhande)were also present.

Similarly, many other artists and senior artists were also present in the ceremony.