Kathmandu- The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has provided additional life-saving supplies to Nepal in continuation of the humanitarian assistance it has been providing in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

UNFPA Deputy Representative Dr. Hashina Begum  handed over the oxygen cylinders worth Rs 11.9 million (equivalent to USD 100,000) to the Director of Management Division under the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Dr. Bhim Singh Tinkari on Monday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Dr Tinkery said, “We need oxygen to deal with the current emergency and to prepare for a possible third wave. This support from the Chinese government and UNFPA will help increase access to health facilities that have access to oxygen.”

The epidemic has had a significant impact on women and at-risk individuals, who face major disruptions to accessing sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning, as well as an increased risk of gender-based violence. “While providing significant assistance to COVID-19 patients, we must ensure the continuity of sexual and reproductive health services, including the protection of health workers, addressing sexual violence and harmful practices, and the supply of contraceptive and reproductive health products to reduce the impact of this unforeseen epidemic on women and adolescents.” Lubna said the rest.

UNFPA is working with federal, provincial and local governments and partners to ensure that the special and specific needs of women and adolescents of reproductive age are addressed. “Thank you to the Chinese government for helping to provide life-saving oxygen cylinders at this critical time,” he said. The UNFPA is a United Nations body that has been emphasizing the birth of a safe baby for every desired pregnancy and the fulfillment of every young person’s potential.

Since its inception, UNFPA, with the support of the Government of China, has provided support to the Government of Nepal’s efforts to prevent infections by ensuring the continuation of life-saving sexual and reproductive health and gender-based services for women and girls. And, similarly, the support will be continued in the coming days.