Kathmandu- Nepal has received 150 ICU beds as a subsidy from the Government of India.

During a function at the Ministry of Health and Population on Sunday, Indian Ambassador Vinay Mohan Kwatra handed over the ICU bed to the Law Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki on behalf of Nepal.

On the occasion, by applauding the co-operative role of India toward Nepal  Law Minister Karki argues, that India’s assistance would play an important role in helping Nepal cope with the Corona epidemic and also that relation show the incredible goodwill relation between Nepal and India.

Similarly, Indian Ambassador Kwatra also expressed his commitment to continue supporting Nepal in the fight against covid-19 onwards.

Since the onset of the Corona pandemic, India has been providing essential medicines, RT-PCR tests, ventilators, vaccines and other health items. Also, Nepal is one of the first countries to receive 1 million doses of covshield vaccine from India last January.