-Shekhar Raj Bastakoti
Welcome to the new dawns of 2078,
Humanism suffered much in 2077!
Pray for the peace and happiness of all,
Wish for the removal of the fear in all!
Again we rise must be the belief,
Inherent in every soul to feel relief!
Your advent in such crucial junctures,
Is the hope of breath in human architecture!
A Satan in the name of Covid 19 on earth,
Danced a cruelty by taking many lives from earth!
Spread terror, insecurity and fear among all,
As if it brings the darkest era for the human fall!
Humanity is the conqueror of all challenges,
It is the brain to subvert untold catastrophes!
Invented cures and remedies of treatment,
Still to be proven to shun away the ailment!
The coming of the New Year 2078 ,
Will certainly heal the wounds of 2077!
Man will be inspired to live in peace and happiness,
The whole humanity will cherish the year with greatness!