-Shekhar Raj Bastakoti
The Family is the most powerful strength,
Love, adoration and benevolence spring there!
Family is the source of inspiration and life,
Once Shattered is gone the charisma of life!
Taking easy and making dogma in vain,
Is the source of family life astrayed in vain!
Love and let all be loved unconditional,
Joyous, pretty and lovely life is universal!
Betraying the dignity and the very essence,
Makes lifeline and its importance nonsense!
Respect, do learn to know very lessons enriched,
Honor , do apply the core of humanity enshrined!
Family, first with all optimism and purity,
Love, amongst all is the zeal with purity!
Unified family love can conquer all over,
That can teach the globe of love all over!
Love, the truest in its form and adoration,
Can make the whole planet a decoration!
Filled with aimless and selfless society,
Thus makes a great family love in affinity!