– Hari Om Sharma

Nepal is an amazingly complete God gifted gorgeous nations in South Asia, where are so many unbelievable imagine places with own theirs identity. Nepal is a multi-religious, multi-lingual and a multi cultural country in south Asia, situated on the lap of the Himalayas. Globalization offers to Nepal, introducing to the world with the preamble of Nepalese culture through business activities. The overall responsibility of developing culture goes to business organizations in terms of adopting and transmitting Nepalese culture throughout the world with business activities. Technological and digital innovations are strengthening for the growth of production which results to the economic viable in the world.

Though every factor of production is enhanced to frontward hoping the fulfillment of economic vision but due to many unavoidable circumstances, Nepalese economy is facing many challenges which resist for the overall development of Nepal. In today’s challenging economy and a changing business landscape, it is more important than ever for Nepalese business organizations to focus on their critical business issues in Nepal. Every industry is faced with a different set of challenges in Nepal, few of which are common across all the industries.  Organizations are getting difficult to develop higher-value products, services, and marketing campaigns which are more effective in an increasingly competitive marketplace. All those difficulties can be minimized through the creativity and vision with the hope of reaching to the apex using the effortlessly accessible recourses.

Establishing a business means creating a product, service or system that solves a specific problem or enhances a person’s life in one way or another in Nepal. Nepalese Businesses can achieve this purpose when they create something new. This doesn’t mean that Nepalese Businesses have to re-invent the wheel though. Business Organization should examine any new product development that enters the market and   they will see that this new creation is not entirely new but has been made up by combining existing elements in a novel way. This action of rethinking existing elements is the formula of creativity. So, in order to create something new Nepalese businesses have first to analyze an existing product to find out how it can be improved, developed or enhanced in any way so it will do a better job with excellence. Based on their exhaustive studies they will come up with an indexing and searching system that provides a higher search term relevancy.

Nepalese business should study people’s behavior; this can be identified their dormant needs and desires and you will tap into a never-ending supply of product ideas. Just remember this; one satisfied need can produce new needs. For example, when the automobile was invented it catered for people’s desire for freedom and mobility. But the invention and production of cars generated a myriad of new needs and desires: such as an endless network of roads and motorways, petrol and service stations, safety and accident insurances, road maps, travel agencies, motels, driving schools, traffic light and road sign systems, car dealerships etc, the list of prospects are endless.
Business organization in Nepal should establish with the clear vision of sustainable economy. Business organization can have the ability to see things not as they are right now, but what they will be like in the future. Many business organizations are so stuck in the moment, so preoccupied with their personal daily problems that they don’t have the time or energy to think about how a particular market can develop in the future. Look at any successful business venture and you will find that its founder was able to project into the future, to estimate how people’s behavior will change. Your success in business is directly related to your visioning capacity and your visioning capacity is determined by two factors; How far ahead are you able to see into the future and how precise are your predictions? Based on these observations, your business can drew conclusions and make a prognosis. If you want to build your own business, you must be able to see into the future. You can develop vision capability just like you can develop any other skill. Your first step is to study and analyze human behavior. Ask yourself this question: What are people looking for? Don’t make the mistake of spending too much time thinking about the future. Get a major purpose in life, work out a plan for its achievement and follow through.

(writer is Faculty member of Ace Institute of Management)