Let me start by congratulating to you all OBs , ECs and Bussiness communities / Friends on the occasion of Industry & Commerce day .
We hv marked chaitra 28 th as an Industry n Commerce day , where we hv been gathering by extending our best wishes for all concerns then hving sorts of sharing by inviting High level Govts authorities, Beurocrates , experts and bussiness communities n letting them know d important of today. But due to d covide 19 pandemic, we all are missing d facts of ourselves and forced to stay at home though we are heading towards disaster n totally confused how to move forward with its consequences.
Let’s mark this situation as a learning process and United we can win for future updates. Yes, it is a day to recognize our past captains for their un tired contribution in our movements.
Althogh, we are not in d position of doing so , so let’s pray to d God and start sharing our best wishes for each of us n let d whole country’s residents feels better and take it for future generations.
On behalf of saarc cci and Fncci , I would like to extend my best wishes for today’s important and relevant.
Chandi r Dhakal, Vice President of SAARC CCI & Ex President of FNCCI