An international poultry exhibition is taking place here from February 28. The three-day Nepal Poultry International Exhibition-2020 is being organised by Nepal Poultry Federation, in partnership with Media Space Solutions Pvt Ltd and Futurex and Event Pvt Ltd. The exhibition is organised with the objective of strengthening and promoting commercial development of the Nepali poultry industry. It will provide information on the modern machineries, latest technology and other subjects related to poultry and hatchery industry like poultry feed, medicine, feed supplement. Information on dairy industry as well as livestock development would also be available. The exhibition organiser said that a four-day ‘poultry school’ will also be run as part of the event in conjunction with Nepal Veterinary Association. The exhibition will have around 200 stalls. Poultry industry-related companies from India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and America among others countries besides Nepal will participate in the exhibition. The exhibition which is held every two years is organised at Chitwan Expo Centre in Bharatpur.