The Bagmati state government is also set to operate ‘electric bus’ on its own by establishing a separate independent agency. The Bagmati state government has decided not to provide money to Sajha Yatayat to purchase buses and put forward preparation to operate the service on its own. It may be noted that the federal government had decided to take back Rs 3 billion it had provided to Sajha for the purchase of electric buses. Though the Bagmati state had pledged to provide Rs 300 million to Sajha, the amount has not yet been disbursed, it is informed. The amount will be used to purchase electric buses, shared secretary at the ministry of physical infrastructure development, Tejraj Bhatta. “Sajha is not likely to get the money. However, the decision to that end is yet to be made. The state government will make necessary preparation after the decision”. The officials shared that the preparation is underway to set up ‘Yatayat Corporation’ to make necessary procurement and manage bus service within the state. Necessary discussion to that effect is being held, he informed. It may be noted that the Bagmati state government had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to grant Rs 300 million to Sajha for the purchase of electric buses on 1 July 2019.