A bird of rare species has been again spotted in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in Sunsari. The Reserve is considered as the heaven for bird life. The Reserve which covers wetlands measuring 175 kilometers in three districts – Sunsari, Uydaypur and Saptari – is home to several species of birds, the record shows. Lately, one more rare species of birds ‘Swinhoe’s minivet’ which is named ‘Seto Pete Ranichari’ in Nepali has made its second presence here, according to Koshi Tappu Bird Watching Camp operator Kurwan Mansuri. The Bird Conservation Nepal also confirms the presence of the new member in the Reserve. Though the bird was said to be of the new species, ornithologist Badri Chaudhary had first noticed it in the Reserve on November 19, 2011. It is a migratory bird from India and is less visible than the rare species of birds, Dr Baral said. At the time, ‘ashy minivet’ and ‘Swinhoe’s minivet’ were recorded and since then the ‘Swinhoe’s minivet’ has not made its presence before this here. This time, its picture was taken by photographer Sanjay Tha Shrestha. Camp operator and photographer Sanjaya Tha Shrestha happened to see the bird and took its picture and approached ornithologist Dr Baral for its verification. Its name is included in a list of 886 species of birds proved to be found in Nepal. Birds from China, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Bhutan come to the Reserve.