On13th November2019, EXIM Bank of India, on behalf of Government of India,  released NPR 3.10billion (approx. USD 27.9 million) to Government of Nepalfrom concessional Line of Credit towards reimbursement of 3rdtrancheof housing reconstruction in Nuwakot and Gorkha districts. USD 50 million from Line of Credit was pledged to support reconstruction of 50,000 private houses in Nuwakot and Gorkha districts in Nepal.

In addition, India committed USD 100 million as grant for supporting these houses. So far, India has reimbursed NPR 6.96 billion (approx USD 69.6 million) towards reimbursement of first and second tranches to home owners. The support by Government of India also includes provision of Socio-Technical Facilitation to the home owners to encourage them to rebuild their homes as per the Government of Nepal’s earthquake resilient norms.

Government of India remains committed to continue supporting the people and Government of Nepal for completion of post-earthquake reconstruction projects in Nepal.