India committed US$ 1 billion (US$ 250 million as grant and US$  750 million as Concessional Line of Credit) for post-earthquake reconstruction of Nepal during the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) held in Kathmandu on 25 June 2015. In February 2016, an MoU on Utilization of the Grant was signed, inter-alia, allocating US$ 100 million to support reconstruction of 50,000 private houses and US$ 50 million each for health, education and cultural heritage sectors. Implementation MoUs were signed on 24 August, 2017 between the two Governments. Government of India is supporting 50,000 housing beneciaries in Nuwakot and Gorkha districts, will reconstruct/retrot 70 higher secondary schools and 2 libraries, 157 health facilities and 28 cultural heritage sector projects in 13 districts across Nepal.


The catastrophic earthquake of 7.6 magnitude on 25 April, 2015, followed by hundreds of aftershocks impacted lives of over eight million people across Nepal. India swiftly dispatched teams from the Indian National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Indian Air Force and Indian Army Medical Corps which reached Nepal within
6 hours of the earthquake. Relief supplies rushed from India included 571 tons of relief material, including rescue equipment, medical supplies, food, water, tents, blankets and tarpaulin. Medical teams from India were deployed in various parts of Nepal. India helped in restoring 3 power sub–stations in Kathmandu valley. The total Indian relief assistance to Nepal amounted to around US$ 67 million.

• US$ 150 million was allocated for reconstruction in housing sector, US$ 100 million as grant and US$ 50 million to be drawn from Line of Credit.
• GoI is supporting 50000 housing beneciaries in Gorkha (26912 beneciaries) and Nuwakot (23088 beneciaries) districts of Nepal.
• GoI has appointed UNDP and UNOPS as Socio Technical Facilitation Consultants for Gorkha and Nuwakot district respectively in March 2018.
• GoI has so far reimbursed an amount of NRs. 290.43 crores to GoN towards housing support.


• US$ 50 million grant has been allocated for reconstruction in the Education Sector of 70 schools and 2 libraries in 9 districts of Nepal.
• Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, India has been appointed as PMC for Education Sector on 6 March 2019 in Kathmandu.
• Reconstruction of eight schools – 3 in Gorkha district and 5 in Nuwakot has commenced.
• Project Specic MoUs for the eight schools were signed by Project Director, CLPIU (Education), GoN and Head of Reconstruction
Wing, EoI, Kathmandu on 6 March 2019.


• US$ 50 million grant has been allocated for reconstruction in the Health sector of 157 health facilities in 12 districts of Nepal.


• US$ 50 million grant has been allocated for reconstruction in the Cultural Heritage sector of 28 cultural heritage projects in 8 districts of Nepal.
• Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) will be assisting GoI for reconstruction in the Cultural heritage sector.


• Two EXIM bank trainings were conducted; rst one in Kathmandu on 30-31 August 2017 and the second one in Mumbai on 16-18 January, 2018 to familiarize ocials from National Reconstruction Authority and other line
Ministries involved in reconstruction, for utilization of the Line of Credit.
• Two projects – reconstruction of Harihar Bhawan at an estimated cost of US$ 26.55 million and Balmiki Campus at an estimated cost of US$ 1.74 million – will commence soon