Kathmandu- Doctors from Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Maharajgunj, on Friday protested in a novel form by offering general Out Patient Department (OPD) services at Maitighar Mandala.

TUTH medical staff plans to continue this innovative form of protest until the government accepts the demands of social reformer and Senior Orthopedic Surgeon of TUTH Dr Govinda KC, who is on indefinite hunger strike in Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS).

Demanding reforms in medical sector, anti-corruption crusader Dr KC is on his 14th day of his 15th hunger strike in Jumla. Reports say his health condition is critical.Pressing the government to accept the points put forth by Dr KC at the earliest, nearly 100 doctors, including resident and intern doctors (MBBS, MD and DM), from TUTH offered OPD services in the Mandala, as a symbolic protest against the government.

They provided general services such as neurology, critical care unit and general medicine to the visitors free of cost at Maitighar Mandala.While the medical services are being offered at the Mandala, doctors have not stopped services in the TUTH. National Resident Doctor’s Association (NRDA) President Dr Sumit Pandey said they would provide regular services at the TUTH like normal days along with Mandala, as their intention was not to hamper health rights of the public.

“The government should be more concerned over the issue because doctors are already on the field and will not back off until it accepts the demands of Dr KC,” said Dr Pandey, adding, the doctor’s team would provide better facilities in the premises of Mandala from Saturday by bringing basic equipment.