Banke– Nepalgunj and surrounding areas have become waterlogged due to the continuous rain since Sunday evening.

Belaspur, Dhamboji, Setu BK Chowk, Gharbaritol, Phultekra, Bus Park, Bhrikuti Nagar and Banke Gaon among other areas in Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City have become waterlogged, hampering the movement of people.

Students have not been able to go to schools and colleges. Pedestrians too are facing much inconvenience due to this.

The situation has been aggravated due to the clogging of the drains as there is no proper drainage facility owing to the ongoing road and drain construction works in the sub-metropolis.

Meanwhile, the locals living in settlements near the Rapti River bank have been living in fear of flooding as the water level in the river rises.

In view of the disaster risk, the District Disaster Management Committee has warned the people of these settlements to adopt preventive and precautionary measures. RSS