Around 10 per cent of the earthquake hit households in Sindhupalchowk district, which suffered the most from the Gorkha earthquake have not built their houses yet.
For lack of workers and excessive price hike in the construction materials caused delay in the construction works. The total number of beneficiaries in the district was recorded 78,537 families but the number reached 85,000 plus while including the families registering complaints.

However, Chief Engineer Madhav Jung Karki of District Project Implementation Unit said that number of beneficiaries could increase further since more applications are still being collected.
According to Karki, a total of 128 households were provided with certificate of land ownership in appropriate sites out of the 693 most vulnerable families from landslides and the land with fissures adding that final decision on 565 other families is yet not taken.

So far, 70,912 households have been recommended for second installment of the relief amount while 30,290 households have been recommended for the third installment, said Acting Chief Engineer Tanka Gautam of Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office.