– Kamla Chudara

The root form of the word ‘Dalit’ which means ‘Dalan’, which translates to oppression in Sanskrit, Nepali and Hindi languages. Dalit means ‘oppressed’ perhaps, the word was first used by the Indian reformer Jyotirao Phule. Although Mahatma Gandhi proposed and used the term ‘Harijan’ or ‘children of god’ in 1932, Ambedkar used and popularized the word ‘Dalit’ as quasi-class term referring to a class of people at the rock-bottom of the Hindu cast hierarchy.

Dalit is a self-applied concept for outside of the traditional Hindu Caste Hierarchy. Some Hindu Priests befriended untouchables and were demoted to low-caste ranks, another communicated Brahmin, fought for the rights of untouchables during the Bhakti period.

How penetrate this word itself, cause I’m representing from this community, if someone says or used the word ‘Dalit’ it’s really heart touching, where this comes from?, who built this word? So many questions are exploded from the inner part of the heart. This sort of word used mainly city area not in remote areas. Not only this system, is in village but also the vast mist of racial discrimination in the city areas as well. Saying is that ‘literate people are too much foolish than illiterate people. Of course, I think so, because so many cruel and horror systems are erased or eradicated, but this easy and simple matter is not abolished yet. So many times constitution is changed and acts are made, but implementation level is null. No one can fully realize or feel that untouchability mean oppression is fully abolish.

In the government’s authentic and reputed ministry and offices, there are always appointed upper castes, leader and elected upper level people. If there is one lower caste candidate in the line of appointment period they all have some sort of misconception about the lower caste, even they are fully educated. If we hardly appointed in this office or any department they continually try to disqualify us and can’t provide opportunity to such places. Because their mind is always pre-occupied the word ‘Dalit’ means lower caste, marginalized, disadvantaged group, they have less sense of power and rational power, such type of thoughts are emerged. After that who is appointed the higher caste, they are great firstly they announce, what is your name, not sufficient, they repeat and told us what is your surname? They know my surname well but they ask me which cast this surname represent from? If I say ‘Dalit’ then their mind is psychologically changed towards representing from lower caste. They do not want to provide any opportunity to the Dalit people. So miserable situation in Nepal, I don’t like to say by heart Nepali. Because I love motherland of Nepal and geographical structure where Nepalese are stayed, I don’t like to mention my name, because they loathe and said lower caste. If we struggle more and more, then we become select in any government post, they hesitate to appoint there because they said in our group all are equal level mean perfect group to work together, if Dalit is there, they hesitate to work and sharing their views easily. That’s the miserable situation in or context especially remote areas.

Whatever they said in the past and still in the present context, they have some sense of selfishness, otherwise we Dalit made so many goddess by purifying the stone and metals. These are worshipped who made them Dalit. Even Dalit make houses, high caste people enter easily not allow to enter Dalits. This is only the sense of selfishness. In this present scenario if anyone can die without oxygen or blood if the person will alive only given to the blood at that time they don’t think who is Dalit and non –Dalit, anyhow he/she needs to live. At that time she/he doesn’t matter of untouchability. They don’t think that we all are sitting under the roof of sky, they don’t think only one sun rises and take heat from the sun. Their conservative mind think that Dalit untouchability is a devil in this world.

For bettering the government should punish and give death penalty to abolish and exile all the Dalit people. Cause the government make policy and plan but not implemented effectively. Day by day untouchability cases are risen but try to dismiss in local level, although the cases are related to untouchable. I extremely tire to see such kind of oppression and the paper implementation are signed. Rules and systems are abolished like horror tradition immolation, but not in abolish racial discrimination, till when will this system remain and we bare this cruel system’s burden over our whole soul and body.

Due to these facts we cannot speak freely, even we speak but no one can listen, we deserve the reputed  post but no one can pay attention, we share our traditions but they neglect our traditions. These impact will remain forever until and unless the Nepalese systems not changed over the racial discrimination.