Bardibas, July 26: The dream of a decent life and a happy family of Siyanka Devi Baantar of Palar Basti at Bhagaha Municiplaity-5 in Mahottari district were shattered when her husband gone for overseas employment came home in coffin last Tuesday.
In prospects of a good financial future, 42-year-old Garbhu Baantar went to Saudi Arabia for foreign employment two years ago in loan. He lost his life in a road accident there on May 20.
The dead body was laid to rest with the final rites performed immediately after receiving it but his shocked spouse Siyanki Devi is still wallowing in deep sorrow unable to come to terms with this tragedy.
She has been lying unconscious at her thatched house since then. Garbhu and Siyanki Devi belong to the indigenous community of Dalit caste where poverty is rampant and lags behind in terms of social awareness.
Although the whole locality is now in sorrow due to the untimely demise of Grabhu, the sole breadwinner of his family, his youngest son, a four-year-old is not aware about his father’s demise.
Ashik Baantar is hopeful of his father bringing him packs of chocolates from the foreign shores.
With the pillar of strength gone, mourning Siyanki Devi is yet to stand back to her own feet and claim for the compensations and facilities the victim’s families receive in such cases.
Chairperson of Bhangaha-4, Ashok Kumar Mahato shared that the Grabhu’s family is unaware about the procedures for registration of the death and claim for the State facilities in such cases.
Chairperson Mahato said that the local authority would take initiatives towards the end after the mourning period in Grabhu’s family is over.