The government of province no 1 has set a goal to make a prosperous and civilized province by building an equitable society under the slogan ‘Province no 1, the best province.’

Presenting the policy and programme of the province for the coming fiscal year 2018/19 in today’s provincial assembly meeting, Province Chief Dr Govinda Bahadur Tumbahamphe said that the provincial government would promotion commercialization and industrialization keeping agriculture in the top priority for economic prosperity.
The policy and programme mentions that the government would create employment in local-level by formulating necessary strategy and working policy as well as launching programme to develop it as the poverty-free province.
The provincial government would implement a policy ‘Let’s produce, make the province prosperous’.
The policy and programme has included various issues including feasibility study for the increase in production of cash crop, expansion of elaeocarpus ganitrus cultivation as well as adopt a policy for participatory grant and incentive for the growth in production of fish, meat, milk and dairy products in the province.
The provincial government would launch ‘Lets save and be prosperous’ programme by launching a financial literacy camping through cooperatives and launch tourism promotion programme.
Making the transport service and trekking-linking religious, historical and tourism sectors a systematic, conducting feasibility study of water transport in the Sunkoshi river at Chatara, and declaring a meeting point of Terhathum, Sankhuwasabha and Taplejung districts– Tinjure-Milke-Jaljale area as the capital of rhododendron are also mentioned in the policy and programme.
The government has also set a plan to establish industrial zone, encourage internal investment, establishment of special economic zone, study for the establishment of International Conference Centre, to resolve problems of poverty in Tarai and launch development programmes.
Similarly, the policy and programme has given priority to development of sports sector, construction of stadium and covered hall in all district headquarters of province no 1, among others.
It mentions about launching ‘Gift of federal republic, one family one employment’ programme to resolve unemployment problem, as well as ‘Basis of justice, information and communications’ policy would be adopted.