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Handing-taking over of Jaynagar-Kurtha cross-border rail section between India and Nepal

Kathmandu- India has handed over the Jaynagar-Kurtha cross-border railway to the Government of Nepal today. The railway, built with the help of the Government of India, was handed over to  Nepal Railway Company Limited by IRCON International Ltd (on behalf of Government of India). Once operationalized, this would be the first broad gauge cross-border rail link between India and Nepal, and would further boost trade and commerce activities as well as people to people linkages between the two countries. The 34.9 km Jaynagar-Kurtha section, constructed at a cost of Rs 8.77 billion under the financial assistance of the Government...

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Relevancy of the Theories of Surplus Value by Karl Mark to Labor Economics

– Ram Chandra Rupakheti Karl Marks did not satisfy with society about the labor principle. According to him, the societies are classified into two class: capitalist and labor class or have and haves not. This theory of surplus-value was developed by Karl Marks between 1867.  This theory has been taken from the theory of labor value by David Ricardo. According to Karl Marks, Labour is the most important means of production among the means of production i.e., land, labour, capital, and organization. The amount of labour is embodied in a commodity. Labour is employed for producing and processing raw...

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Social Entrepreneurs participate to nation building campaign

– Topendra Panthi Social Entrepreneurship has taken off and it has become an inspirational way to motivate many to start a business. Passion usually inspires us and can take us on unbelievable journeys. There is no proper evidence who were the pioneer motivator of business in the world. Being a research scholar, I always try to observe the cause and effect of the events and circumstances also attempt to mark theorization for the study undertaken itself. Business introduces, grows and dies in the society, so it can be said that business refers as open social system and entity. As...

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Meeting on Nepal-India cross-border railway links held in New Delhi

Kathmandu- A meeting of the Joint Task Force and Project Steering Committee on Railway Network has been concluded. The implementation of the existing cross-border railway network and overall cooperation in the railway sector was held between the two sides in New Delhi on October 7 and 8. The two sides have also signed an agreement under Standard Operating Procedure (SOPS) and final location survey of the proposed Broad Gauge Railway between Raxaul and Kathmandu to start passenger train service on Jayanagar-Kurtha section. In the agreement, it is mentioned that SOPS will provide technical assistance for the operation of passenger...

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Completion of Construction of the Koshi Corridor Power Transmission Line

Kathmandu- Construction work of power transmission line of Koshi Corridor has been completed. The Koshi Corridor power transmission line with a capacity of 1.220 KV double circuit has been completed in collaboration with neighboring India. The power transmission line at Ineruwa-Basantapur-Baneshwor-Tumlingtar was handed over to the Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority by Kalpatru Power Transmission Limited and Exim Bank of India during a ceremony on Wednesday. The 106 km long Koshi Corridor transmission line has been constructed at a total cost of NER 10.4 billion (US 86.8 million). Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief of Mission Khampa said...

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