Kathmandu- NIBLS Capital Limited, wholly owned by Nepal Investment Bank Limited, has been providing services in merchant banking and investment banking sector for a decade today.

During its 10-year successful tenure, this capital has also acted as the issue and sales manager for the IPO of 188 companies and the issue of rights shares of various companies. This chapter is currently working as the share registrar of 51 companies.

Captil, being the scheme manager, has launched three closed-end and one open-ended mutual fund schemes under “NIBL Mutual Fund”. Out of which NIBL ​​Samriddhi Fund-1 has matured and has already returned the amount to its unit holders. Also, a new closed-end scheme ‘NIBL Growth Fund’ has been submitted to the Nepal Securities Board and is in the initial review stage.

The company has been providing investment management services to more than 700 investors and has been providing services to 34 companies under its institutional consulting services. So far, the company has been providing demat accounts to 3 lakh customers and My Share service to 2.25 lakh customers.

On the occasion of completing 10 years today, this capital has brought special discounts on the services it has been providing as well as the following plans targeting the customer category:

– Additional 10 years free renewal on prepayment of 10 years on annual renewal fee of Demat

– Market Expert at Rs.10

– System Investment Plan (SIP) Thank You Offer (10 lucky dignitaries from among the investors will be given a unit worth Rs.

– An attractive gift will be given to the children who register in the skill (Basket of Happiness).

For more information about this plan, which is said to be implemented until 25th of Shravan 2079, the capital can be understood by visiting the website www.niblcapital.com and calling the head office of NIBL ​​S Capital Limited.