Kathmandu- Foreign Minister of India Dr. S. Jayashankar (EAM) has addressed the International Conference on Reconstruction of Nepal through video message.

He also congratulated the Government of Nepal on organizing the event, which provided valuable opportunities for Nepal to learn from the 2015 earthquake and to share with its international partners the experiences of emergency response, reconstruction and rehabilitation. The Indian Ambassador to Nepal was also present on the occasion.
In its address, EAM said that at the first international conference on Nepal’s reconstruction on June 25, 2015, the Indian government had pledged US १ 1 billion for the reconstruction of earthquake victims. A quarter of this was pledged to be used in the areas of health, cultural heritage, housing and education.

Over the past five years or more, India has significantly fulfilled its commitments under various priority areas identified by the Government of Nepal. He also said that 50,000 private houses have been rebuilt in Gorkha and Nuwakot districts with Indian assistance. Projects in the remaining areas of health, education and culture are also moving forward. The Government of India is providing financial assistance for the reconstruction of 70 schools and libraries, 132 health facilities and 28 cultural heritage projects in various earthquake affected districts of Nepal.

He praised the courage of the Nepali people who have rebuilt their lives and communities from the rubble of destruction. He said that the lessons learned from this and the capacity for reconstruction would be brought into the mainstream as a priority of overall development, adding that the reconstruction of Nepal would be completed successfully with such dedicated efforts.

EAM emphasized that India’s development assistance to Nepal is multifaceted and multi-level which has stood the test of time. He noted that our mutual assistance extends to every area of ​​human endeavor and is defined by the interactive destinations and development routes connecting the peoples of the two countries.

EAM lauded the spirit and courage of the Nepali nation that emerged from the ashes of destruction to move forward with the task of rebuilding and leaving no one behind in the process. He said it was a matter of pride for India and its people to contribute to Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction journey. In this regard, our partnership also demonstrates the stability and resilience of the relationship between our two great nations.