Kathmandu- Nekapa (Emale) Vice Chairman Bhim Rawal has started distributing leaflets of his candidature.

Vice-Chairman Rawal, who has been decided for the post of chairperson of the 10th CPN’s in Chitwan, has started distributing his pamphlets.

Incumbent party president KP Sharma Oli, who is about to contest against Oli, had earlier been advised by various leaders to withdraw Oli from the post saying that it would be appropriate for him to run for the post. However, Rawal, who was not moved by his position, has finally started distributing his pamphlet for the chairman with the article ‘Why my candidature for the chairmanship?’

Rawal’s supporters started distributing leaflets at the main gate of the closed session hall on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, party’s chairperson Oli is busy compiling a list of office bearers and central committee members to reach a consensus.