Kathmandu- CellPay service has brought attractive offers for its customers on the occasion of this decade.

Cellpay has brought Flip Festival’s offer to the customers in this Vijaya Dashami.

Under the scheme, 100 customers will get 1 GB data pack for ten days every day and one lucky winner will get Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 through lucky draw.

The company has stated that the offer will be valid from 17th to 26th September.

Payments can be made in a simple and secure way in real time from CellPay, which has been providing a very fast, simple and secure service that can be used through both mobile and web applications.

In addition, various telecommunication services, electricity, drinking water, TV, internet tariff payments, insurance payments, share and broker payments, government payments, government payments, payments at various shops, restaurants, payments to around five lakh merchants of Phone Pay network, transfer from one bank account to another bank account. , Domestic money transfer, P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B etc. can be done.

In addition, customers will be able to easily purchase various items at home through CellPay Kart.