Kathmandu- Critical Care Training for Nurses has started at Hams Hospital, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu from today.

The hospital has started a three-month training from Sunday by organizing a function to enhance the capacity of the nurses serving in the ICU.

The training is being provided by the hospital in collaboration with the Critical Care Nursing Association of Nepal (CCNAN).

According to him, the hospital had selected nurses for the training through written and oral examinations. Out of which only 31 out of 45 applications were selected for the training.

This is the second batch of the training hospital to develop a special course on Critical Care Nursing with the objective of preparing skilled nurses in the field of Critical Care by conducting world class training programs in the country. Earlier, the hospital had conducted Critical Care Nurse Training (CCNTP) for the first time on February 3. In which 31 nurses had participated.

Although the previous batch started in Falgun, it was completed only on 3 August due to the Covid-19 epidemic and within a month, the hospital is going to provide training to the second batch again, said Director Poudel.

Hams also provides training in infection control training, ventilator associate pneumonia and basic life support training for nurses.

Dr. The program started with a welcome address by Jyotindra Sharma. In the program RS Bhandari, Director, HAMS, Educational Coordinator, Pulmonary and Critical Care and Dr. Chief Arjun Karki, CEO of the hospital Anil Oduvil and CCNTP chief Bimala Shrestha were present.