– Shekhar Raj Bastakoti

I Salute my parents for bringing me on Earth,
I Salute my ancestors for the blessings on Earth!
I respect my relatives for their great blessings,
I love Tara for taking care in every dressings!

Blessed I am with the wishes of friends in Globe,
Blessed I am to be the dear of all in the Globe!
Blessed I am to be the closest of creations, Rachana,
Blessed I am to be the vehicle of amazing samrachana!

God and all Goddess, the savior of the humanity ,
Have blessed me with Ajay, Bijay and Alok so funny!
With Bishnu and Sreeyona, the great and superb gifts,
Have every blessings abounding me for positive shifts!

Baba, whom I live with is my living God alive,
Ama, who left the earth leaving me aside!
Blesses me from the heaven with all love,
Takes care of me and family from heaven above!

My gratitude to all my friends and foes in line,
My respect to all those who are scared in line!
I never downplay and thwart anyone in life,
But, people are afraid of my presence in life!

I wish all great, and wanna be blessed, those willing to thwart me will vanish in no time!

Love you my great friends all over the world- Shekhar