-Shekhar Bastakoti

I plea for the humans to protect thyself,

I request fellow people to save Yourself!

I ask mankind to safeguard the family,

I advise all men and women to save humanity!

Who else will be there when humanity perishes?

What will be the fate of universe with no mankind?

How can we draw the pictures of no humanity?

Why is the world moving towards its dehumanity?

Man’s anger and pride so disgraceful and dirty,

Man’s arrogance and ignorance so polluted!

Man’s so-called super heroism for nothing,

Man’s illusion to supercede nature in nothing!

Thus, man should create a society so lovely,

Thus, he must work to create lasting harmony!

Thus, man shouldn’t fight against each other,

Thus, humanity must be united to be Universal!

Love, respect and friendship are so healing,

Lovely and adorable humanity are so appealing!

Let’s save ourselves with love and true reverence,

Lets save our fellow humans with all benevolence!

Cuz, no one Saving you, only Yourself- Love