-Shekhar Raj Bastakoti
Is there any Nepali?
Nepal, my mother nation,
my Goddess, Being in your lovely lap,
ask you my Goddess!
Did you see any Nepali in your amazing lap?
To serve you as mother nation in any time gap?
All so-called leaders used your name for their fame,
Did anyone fulfill the promises they did in your name?
Ama, I am indeed in shame that I couldn’t do anything,
But, Ama be sure I have expressed my feelings on everything!
Nepal is our mother nation so holy and full of resources,
So rich that the political pirates can play on the recourses!
Drama and prophesies they are making to fool the people,
Honest and innocent men and women become the disciple!
In vain, the political dramatists are sharing the dreams ahead,
They are the Agents of the foreign forces to stop people go ahead!
Slaves and traitors are ruling the nation in the name of nationality,
Crooks and knowledge less goons are roaming with power lunatically!
Ama, nobody spells of Nepalbad,
everyone is the victim of Dalalbad,
In the name of different parties,
all are selling the soul of Nepalbad!
The puppets and agents of forces behind foreign interests in politics,
Are inhaling the true essense of Nepalism in the grip of poly- tricks!
I love you Ama,