Shekhar Raj Bastakoti
Believing in the beliefs we inherit,
Loving and respecting all merits!
Without discrimination of races,
Creat everywhere the peaceful bases!
All religious beliefs are our own in one,
Named and practiced differently to be one!
Divided we are just for the lust of power,
Separated we are just to ignore the our!
No faith and sect disrespects one another,
But all humans are foes from one another!
Cuz, the Devil against humanity over rode,
The affinity and closeness we gain abode!
We are all the butterfly of one Supreme Creator,
We are the angels to serve as assigned by Creator!
We don’t have right to boast for our great success,
We must be very grateful to the Gods giving access!
Allah, Christ, Hindu Gods and Goddesses with Buddha,
All religious clans and faiths prevalent with Dharma!
Are but One without any division,enmity and sectoralism,
Because God is Great, adorable and pious in Universalism!
God, the only One in different forms, beliefs and prayers!