– Durga Chudal

Many business organizations in Nepal are depressing with the problems of failing in attaining their expected sales target and responsibilities regarding to stakeholders, due to Nepal quake and aftershocks in the past days. Business organizations and their activities are believed interrelated for their vision and mission realization. Your vision is your preferred destination where your business can reach in the future and your mission is the way how you reach to desired end. To accomplish your vision, you should have appropriate sales enthusiasm along with the effective resources such as capital, human resource, technology and change management.

Sales are the largest source of revenue. Revenue makes discharge of every expenses and the obligation of other stakeholders. The performance and the life of business organizations are measured with the sales volume in these days.  The level of your sales is determined by yourself. You can increase your sales volume dealing with the best quality of products, delivering the greatest care to your customers and fast response to your customers.

Be miserable, or motivate yourself because the outcomes of your business are directly related with your performance. Creating aptitude to sell something, weather it is product, service or an idea is the fundamental skill in your business. It’s just as important to be able to listen intently, think critically, and to intelligently apply effective sales techniques. By doing these things, not only will increase your sales, it will support to reach towards your destination. Those aptitudes are following such as:

What do customers desire; you should make your customer happy and satisfied. You should aware with the ethics of consumerism. If someone likes you, they’re more likely to buy from you, regardless of the deal you’re offering. Be friendly, charming, open and smiley with your customer. Smile costs nothing but supports to sale everything.  Give them peace of mind. Whatever your customer is looking for, that’s what you should try to provide.

Listen carefully what customers tell; Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking”. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job. It’s quite difficult to satisfy a customer if you don’t know what they want. Ask to your customer what you can help with and let the customer describe their problem or desire. Once you know what they want, you’ll be able to decide which products, services, etc. best meet their needs. It supports for your further planning and improvement on your production.

Don’t just listen to what a customer says; try to pay attention to how they say it in terms of facial expressions, body language, etc. If, for instance, a customer seems impatient or tense, you’ll know that you can probably satisfy them by offering him a quick, easy solution to their problem, rather than giving him a lengthy sales pitch for your whole range of products.

Express your products value and services after sales;  sales is a never ending process, when it comes to convincing a reluctant customer to make a purchase, flowery, glowing praise for your product or service is only going to get you so far. To really get the customer on your side, show your customer how the thing you’re selling will make their life better. Whether it will save them money and time, give them peace of mind, or simply make them feel good, make sure your customer understands exactly how the item you’re selling benefits them in real.

Pay your concentration to the customer; when a customer is considering making a purchase, you want to give the impression that you’re available to fulfill any needs or answer any questions that may arise. Customer does not satisfy only with purchasing the products. While purchasing, customer can analyze your behavior between the moment of post sales and before sales. When you’ve gotten a sale, you can back off somewhat and allow your customer some breathing room where they can make plan for further purchase.

Formulate long term liaison with your customer; Customers that feel that they’ve been respected and satisfied by a business are likely to give it a good review to their friends and may even return for future purchases. Building happy, respectful relationships with customers is a great way to give you a long-term sales boost. Be genuinely connected with customers, remember that these are real people with real emotions and that nearly all of them appreciate human warmth with gratitude.

Finally don’t make the mistake attempting to grow too soon, but wait until you have a period of successful sales behind you to provide evidence that your sales style works. You need a little motivation sometimes to re-shape your attitudes and your actions which keeps you on the road to success.

(Writer is  Senior Sales Manager of Maruti Cement Limited)