World Book of Records,London and World Record Publishing Company has initiated publishing an
edition Star 2020 to appreciate the Corona Warriors. During the lockdown period and combat against
COVID-19 individuals,professionals,health workers, organizations who have been pivotal and paved the
way forward to serve humanity have been bestowed with the Star2020.Globally several bonafide

warriors and organizations have already been bestowed with this coveted recognition.
Anil Burja Magar( Social Activist/Entrepreneur) and Ganika Gurung ( Social Activist/Entrepreneur)
have been bestowed with Star 2020.They initiated Hunger Relief Program and served tens and
thousands of needy within Kathmandu Valley. Similarly they also held Emergency Blood Donation Camps
at this dire state from their organization Lions Club of Creative Youth in different parts of the
valley.Admidst the Felicitation Ceremony held at World Trade Centre, Lion Tanka Bahadur

Shrestha,PMJF,District Governor,District 325 A1,Lion Karma Gurung,PMJF,Second Vice District
Governor,Lion Ananta Prasad Bhetwal,PMJF,Past District Governor(GST Multiple Coordinator
MD325),Sagar Katwal(President,World Book of Records,Nepal) ,Nirnaya Shrestha (Performing

Artist/Social Worker) and dignitaries from various walks of life were present.
On being felicitated with Star 2020,Anil Burja Magar and Ganika Gurung were congratulated byShri Virendra Sharma ( Member of Parliament,England ),Dr.Diwakar
Sukul( Chairman,World Book of Records,London),Shri Santosh Shukla(President,World Book of Records)