The issues concerning the protection of child rights are suggested to be incorporated in the laws related to education. “Children’s safety is the first condition for their quality learning,” stressed participants of a programme organised here today. At the programme entitled ‘ Education Act and Child Protection’ organised by the National Child Protection Alliance ( NCPA), people’s representatives, government officials and rights activists expressed concern over incidences of violence and discriminations facing children at home and school. They demanded that the violators of child rights be brought under the purview of law. “Child marriage continues to take place, problems of street children remain as it is,” they pointed out. Nepal Communist Party (NCP) lawmaker Bina Shrestha stressed that the building of a prosperous Nepal would never be possible until the effective enforcement of the child rights was ensured, pledging to take initiation towards that end in the parliament. Nepali Congress House of Representatives (HoR) member Laxmi Pariyar said poor implementation of the concerned acts and laws had forced children to pursue school education in an unsafe atmosphere. “Though school girls are getting sanitary pads from the school, lack of a separate changing room has caused inconvenience for them.” She sought the incorporation of child rights issues in the school curriculum. Director General of the Centre for Education and Human Resource Development, Dr Tulsi Prasad Thapaliya stressed the need for the governments at all levels and stakeholders to manage safe environment for the development of quality education of children. Human rights activist Gauri Pradhan viewed that children would become happy and a base would be created to prosper the country by rightly addressing concerns of children based on suggestions provided by stakeholders relating to the Education Act. Child rights activist Tarak Dhital suggested that local level should be active in rightly enforcing child rights while maintaining equality between policies and regulations related to child’s rights. Likewise, President of the Children as Zones of Peace National Campaign, Narendra Dangol suggested that various political parties and their sister organisations should stay away from indulging in strikes and a banda at educational institutions to ensure child rights.