Chairman of the National Assembly, Ganesh Prasad Timilsina, has said the development pace needs to be intensified to implement the federalism effectively. Confusion with new system should not prolong, he stressed. Addressing a review meeting of district level coordination organized in Pokhara today, Chairman Timilsina however said expected achievement was yet to be made though the parliament had passed the budget early. The delayed process of development projects must not continue, he said, adding that old style of performance could not fulfill people’s aspiration for development. Chairman Timilsina underscored the need to adopt new thoughts to fit the federal system. He expressed worry over not reforming office management, budget and planning in view of the three-tier of governments. The Chairman suggested the district coordination committees that they focused on goals and strategies and activities for the achievement of the goals. On the occasion, Chief of the District Coordination Committee, Kaski, Bain Bahadur Chhetri, informed that the meeting was organized to garner information on the activities carried out by the local and provincial governments and foster coordination.