– Bhuminanda Devkota

When we look into the human history, we have heard and read about different kinds of eras that had begun and ended in this world. Each era had its specific nature. According to the statements specified by humans, the era is the duration of these different time period that are divided into Satya, Treta, Dwaper and Kaliyug. On the basis of this, it is believed that the world is in Kaliyug era. But in reality, the human society and the welfare of entire world is specified as an era rather than the period, when the society was led to the path of salvation and liberation by divine personalities through their thoughts, policy, rule, law and Karma.

Even in present, the era is defined as the duration of the religious journey made by some amazing divine personalities who led to religious salvation and liberation through the concept of peace, stability and coexistence followed by them. As the result, the human beings are now divided into different traditions like Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jains, etc. and they are following it.

Thus, due to the influence of diverse effects, the age of the present era is called as Kaliyug. The human community had continued their journey to the present age with mutual integrity, hostility, hatred, and wilderness, tolerating many battles and destruction; and heart aching disasters. The “Bodhi Marg Darshan Maitri Dharma” has begun its cordial era by introducing their unique thinking, policy, rules, procedures and rituals of cordial affection and compassion to those humans, animals, insects and plant kingdom that are bearing the intense pain; and leading them to the path of salvation by urging them to be awakened. The new and the last era has begun as to end the era of division, violence, anger, hatred, destruction, poverty, conflict and emptiness.

This is the new beginning rather than the continuation of any Buddhist tradition because it has no links to any religious series. Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju has arrived as a form of new human, a new world, a new coexistence, a new peaceful tradition, a new universal destination and a new era. The foundation of who has no links either to any past philosophical ideas or any religious parts. Thus, Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju is a first and last divine personality of cordial religion who is entirely unique and mysterious mahasambodhi. Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju is completely a new human ritual, who is the founder of sympathy and salvation of all human and existences.

Being curious about “what is this new ear?” is a good thing but it is sad to know about spreading rumors in society about the Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju without considering any moral values and beliefs. Before spreading such rumors one must rethink if they are disrespecting the great first and last opportunity of salvation, blessed to the universe. Therefore, I have made presentation in order to expose certain facts through this article.

First of all, he has given a clear message that the human community should give up the personal concept of me, my, mine and accept the world of friendship, compassion, kindness, and accept that there is no option rather than to follow the concept of world of human being, animal, creature, insects and plant kingdom that have equal existence value of life. People give birth to their children. Then they start to live in confusion that they are the origin of their children

and become cruel to them rather than to behave them as a human being. Guru says, “Children are also a full human soul just like you. They are your son or daughter in this life. It might be the opposite in previous life. The soul is no different in you and them. So love and respect them as you do to yourself”. He himself has always delivered his words and speeches with equal respect. It is better to understand that if it is just the usual change or the arrival of the new era.

The guru has also said that we must take permission from god before consuming any plants or the fruits on them. Besides, he has clarified not to use, destroy, cut or pluck any parts of plants on Thursday and no one should destroy anything without reason. The beginning of new tradition of plant kingdom in connection with human being indicates the beginning of a specific tradition.

Each and every living being are born to play their special role. No one can execute them for any reason. The loss and negative impact due to destruction of habitat of living being is non- accountable. Human being is wise enough so that they are specially requested to act wisely and stop murdering anybody. Here, the basic principle of welfare is proposed for co-existence of entire living beings through being fully aware. So, is this a matter of criticism or the beginning of peaceful world? Therefore, one must understand that Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju is a supernatural new era.

He defies those who has divided the mankind into castes but emphasizes on co-existence of entire mankind, plant kingdom and animal kingdom. He believes that there is no discrimination in god‟s creation. A religion is to be free from wrath, greed, fervor, jealousy, selfishness, and ego and stop execution, violence, conflict and warfare. There is no place for any discrimination, differences, allegations, suspicions, and doubts in any religion. Positive thinking and actions, harmony, love, respect, faith, reconciliation, equality, understanding or belief in the interest of the whole world is a religion. This way, embracement of sympathy of co-existence confirms the beginning of a new religion or a new era.

With making polite alert to the different religions gurus not to create any confusion in human communities, guru has given permission to all gurus to lead everyone to the cordial era. Religion recognizes the soul and enhances the path of salvation for happiness and peace of that soul. He believes that there is no right to talk about religion who doesn‟t believe in existence of soul. As long as the soul remains within the body, a person bears its weigh and walks. As soon as the soul leaves, the body begins to decompose. It can‟t walk or speak. The dead body has to be administered or burned by organizing funeral by the bodies that have soul in them. Thus, guru points the truth that the so called religious leaders, who cannot identify the soul, are not possibly able to create path of salvation or religion.

Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guruju had gone through much hard meditation. According to him he has still not achieved success in spreading his knowledge to the human community even less than a percent. The reason is the delays by government in taking decision to allow the Halkhoriya Tapobhumi to turn into religious forest. Besides, the baseless negative promotions about Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Guru and silence of government on these issues are also responsible for it. There are no such villages in Nepal where the followers and devotees of guru are not present. There are guru‟s associations, followers and devotees in 163 different countries. The renowned leaders have also turned into guru‟s sangh, followers and devotees. It is because of the natural attraction of people towards development of entirely new and supernatural power.

The Government of Nepal needs to be serious about this. If this meditation community focuses on the Halkhoriya religious forest, then how long should to wait? Hope, they will not be motivated to embrace the compulsion of pressure for it. Thus, the advent of the new era is growing hugely as a required and only option in front of government and all. The cordial era has already begun. The cordial era of „Bodhi Marg Darshan Maitri Dharma‟ is now on its own journey with and within everyone‟s‟ existence; among various conspiracy and difficulties.