Kathmandu.  Some youth leaders of the CPN have demanded immediate meeting of the party central committee.
CPN central member Thakur Gaire shared that a memorandum demanding the central committee meeting was submitted to General Secretary of the party, Bishnu Poudel, at parliamentary party office of the party, Singha Durbar on Wednesday.

The forthcoming meeting of the party secretariat meeting was urged to call the central committee meeting. Gaire said, “Although the party unification is done in the higher level, the cadres at the local level are yet to be united. It has resulted in huge disappointment. So, the unification must be completed on time.”

Work division could be another work in the to-do list of the CC meeting.

The party leadership has been evading CC meeting after the announcement of the party unification between the CPN Maoist Centre and the CPN UML.