Chitwan, Nov 4 – The Chitwan National Park (CNP) lacks a male elephant for breeding thus forcing dependence on wild elephants for the purpose. Two wild elephants named Ronaldo and Dhurbe are currently available in the CNP for mating. Rolando is available in the eastern area, while Dhurbe in the western area.

Ronaldo has been impregnating female elephants in the breeding centre at Khorsor for the past 10 years. “He has fathered over 12 calves,” said Chief of the centre Budhan Chaudhary. Recently some days ago, Ganeshkali and Pujakali gave birth to a male and female calf respectively. Both are offspring of Rolando.
Karnali Kali and Chitwan Kali, three of the pregnant elephants at the centre, are impregnated by Rolando.

Another elephant named Loktantrakali is impregnated by Dhurbe. Last year, four elephants delivered their calves. All of them are Rolando’s offspring.
The centre has nine mother elephants and 10 calves including two trained ones. Female elephant’s pregnancy lasts 22 to 24 months. “Although the CNP has 18 male elephants, none is fit for mating,” said Chaudhary. Female elephant is ready for mating six months after delivering their calves.

Wild elephants visit the centre and have sexual intercourse with female elephants at night. Usually from mid October to May, Rolando spends his nights in the centre and makes his way towards his destination early in the morning, said Chaudhary. Lately, there are progresses in elephant’s breeding in the centre, thanks to their healthy diet, sound treatment and reforms in their reproduction, said senior vet at the CNP Dr Kamal Gaire.  (RSS)